Focal Length:31mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

I live in Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley, at the heart of South-India, with the love of my life who I’ve known for nearly all my life. An Architect by profession, baker by choice. I teach at Design School, do some freelancing in my Architecture practice, and run a small home-baking business by day, and blog by night. Music is my middle name, and as long as I’m awake, there’s music around me…be it my iPod playing, the radio, or even just me, humming away. I’m totally kicked about Classic Rock, Reading fiction titles in one go even if it means staying up till 2am, Chubby Babies with toothless grins, Dogs & cuddly Puppies, Chocolate, Iced-tea, Good ol’ filter kaapi, Ice-cream, Marsh-melon, Strawberries, Nigella Lawson’s shows, Learning new languages, Shopping, Chunky junk-jewellery, Crockery & Cutlery, Embroidery, Crochet, Designing and making my own salwar suits,  Mehendi on my hands, Collecting Cookbooks, Going for long ‘n laid back swims in the pool, Furniture Design, Graphic Design, Sketching and doodling, Photography and Travel, in no particular order.

Gadget junkie. Fiery Gourmet. Frantic Chocoholic. Sleep-talker. Perfectionist. Suffer from multiple OCDs. Singer. Chatter-box. Avid Reader. Pacifist. Easily bored. Sensitive. Love Bangalore to death. Love the colours Yellow, Pink & Black. I looooooove to cook and bake. You’ll see just how much here. I find them both very therapeutic. Cooking and Baking along with Music, are my most favourite passions, and my liaisons with all three started pretty early in life.

Photography has interested me as long as I can remember. When I little, Daddy had a fully loaded Pentax SLR camera with all the works and he would let me fiddle with it as long as he was holding it for me. Just as much as my little index finger was pressing the shutter release button and taking the pictures, I now know that he was the one actually taking them and not me! When I was old enough to handle a camera on my own, Daddy’s SLR went bad and we never replaced it. Ever since then, wanting to own a good camera was a long cherished dream. Though I owned many a point and shoot camera since then, I got to own a DSLR only recently. I now walk around with my camera like it is an extension of me, and hence this blog, to share with you my experiments with it.

I use a Nikon D5100, and I’m loving every bit of my experience with it. For now, I have just the one lens kit that came with the camera – a 18-55mm Nikkor lens. I plan to pick up a Nikkor AF-S DX 50mm f 1.8/g lens as soon as my purse strings loosen up a bit. Till then, Im very happy using the stock lens I have.

I’m still an amateur with the DSLR, but I sure hope you have fun hanging around here just as much fun as I had taking these pics. I can’t wait to know what you think!

Enjoy your stay. Focus-pocus!



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