By: Madhuri Kumar

Jan 24 2012

Category: Megapixels


Focal Length:55mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D5100

Life’s playing very mean tricks with me this year. First, it was the terrible gastroenteritis that I’m yet to fully recover from. And then last week, I had another googly thrown at me. My laptop hard disk crashed ūüė¶ I didn’t care one bit about having to spend time away from the computer. However, I’m worried sick about all ¬†the important data/photographs/recipes/works I had on the laptop HDD. I’m only hoping that the HDD¬†retrievers¬†are able to work their magic and hand me back my data. ¬†I’ve been sending up fervent prayers¬†ever¬†since I handed them the crashed HDD. Got a new HDD yesterday so the laptop is back in action now. Nonetheless, I’m not going to have a restful moment until I get back all my precious data from the old HDD.*fingers crossed*

To cheer myself up, I’ve been having fun with my camera and photographing things from inside our pad. These are a couple of miniature pots that were gifted to me by a very close friend. If you would like to buy them, I know that they’re available at Jute Cottage in their various outlets in Bangalore.


2 comments on “Arty-farty”

  1. I hope you got your data back:)

  2. It is so nice that i stopped at your blog…very nice pictures…..It really speaks for me….

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