Le Creuset – To. Die. For.

By: Madhuri Kumar

Jan 12 2012

Category: Megapixels



Yesterday saw India’s first Le Creuset Store being unravelled here in Bangalore. Chef Vicky Ratnani was in town for a demo at the store, and being a good friend, he had invited me over. Much as I’m still a tad weak from my bout of severe gastroenteritis from 2 weeks ago, I made up my mind to go since this was a one-time event. No regrets at all. The store is a riot of the most beautiful coloured cookware/bakeware that LC is famous for, and the event was splendid to say the least!

While I got to see Vicky’s live demo, I also got to rub shoulders with some of the city’s better known gastronomists who were at the event. Some, I was meeting for the first time and some others, I’d met a couple of times before yesterday.  There was heady wine (hic!) and some bite-sized appetizers which I didn’t dare eat, but chitty-chat I did about food and Le Creuset, as we watched Vicky dish up some finger-licking-good Strawberry Risotto with mascarpone cheese (yummville!), and some South Indian Fish Tangine Curry (I didn’t taste this cos I’m an eggitarian, but I heard it was out-of-the-world). I also went on an unstoppable photo-taking spree despite poor lighting. Now to sit and process all those 200-odd pictures. Sigh!

The icing on the cake was…wait for it, cos it’s legend…daaary! I now have a 3 1/2 quart Round French Oven that’s a cheery sunshine yellow, to brighten up my kitchen. No, I didn’t (dare) buy it. Vicky was generous enough to gift me one out of the few that he’d been given by LC, and there couldn’t have been a better thing to have in my hand as I walked out of the LC store yesterday! I’m still basking in the warmth of my Dijon coloured Le Creuset round french oven and I cannot thank you enough for it Vicky. Made my day, no year! What a terrific thing to happen. This has cheered me up so much, I’m beaming from ear to ear 🙂

The Le Creuset store in Bangalore is located on Lavelle Road, right next to the Harley Davidson showroom, opposite Mocha and Java City (a stone’s throw away from the Biere Club and Tattv). If you’re in the vicinity, do visit atleast for the eye-candy that the store is, and if your wallet permits, indulge and take home a little piece of the treasure that is Le Creuset too!


8 comments on “Le Creuset – To. Die. For.”

  1. lucky you!!! 🙂

  2. oh wow! that’s so wonderful! cant wait to visit the store 🙂

  3. Lovely colours. Loved this picture, Madhuri!

  4. Loved the lime green one….

  5. Hi Madhuri

    thanks for visiting our store as well as for liking it to this extent.
    hope you visit there more often.

    Country head

  6. i have been to the store and it looks lovely. i think the success of the store clearly demonstrate that expensive cookware is no longer limited to hospitality industry in India and is slowly gaining acceptance in the Indian homes. Kudos to Le Creuset India team for taking such a brave decision

  7. I live in Delhi, but would love to get my hands on some Le Creuset pots. Since I cannot find any details online about the time frame for the opening of the Delhi store, may I ask if the Bangalore store has a shop online option?

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