By: Madhuri Kumar

Jul 31 2011

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Category: Megapixels

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It’s been a drizzly morning and I was so reminded of this picture. I just had to post it ‘cos it happens to be one of my favourite rainy-day pictures. We had more than our fair share of rain during our one-week stay in Kuala Lumpur 4 years back. Shot this picture from our cab, and that’s our rain-kissed cab window with the Petronas Towers in the background.

Picture taken from my travelogues with fond memories of me as a shiny-new bride.


One comment on “Rain-kissed”

  1. Hey. I just bumped into your page while browsing Bing . Ive bookmarked it. Ill most certainly return. I was wondering, have you watched Inception yet? I know this is off topic. I want to stop by Blockbuster and buy it tonight. Its great. Bye.

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