Fancy a bite? They’re made of wax though! I particularly love the masala dosa replete with that dollop of butter, and the ice-cream cone. Don’t they look irresistible?

Picture taken at a friend’s wedding. This is part of the ensemble for what is presented on stage during the Mappillai Azhappu or Vara poojai, where the bride and groom’s families meet each other for the first time.


6 comments on “Eye-candy”

  1. wow tat looks so real !!

  2. Wow – never seen South Indian wax food! Love the crisp dosa..so nice to see this in the mapillai azhaippu. Did they also have the soap, seep, kannadi?

  3. Those are the only two items that caught my eye, too.

  4. Wow, for a second I thought they were real. made me hungry too. 🙂


  5. Love the idlies and the Bengali sweet too… Nice pics BTW 🙂

  6. ahh love ’em! the japanese love mock food too, so you get to see a lot in tokyo!

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